Sentinel Steel,

Quality Matters.

Our Capacity

We can produce steel TMT rebarsup to 150,000 tonnes per annum through an integrated manufacturing set up.

Technical Specs Of TMT Bars & Its Benefits

Our products are in compliance with Ethiopian Standard CES 101 for Steel for the reinforcement of concrete, which is identical with ISO standard ISO 6935-2:2007

Dimensions, mass per unit length and permissible deviations

Nominal bar diameter mm Nominal cross sectional area mm2 Mass per unit length
Requirement kg/m Permissible deviation %
8 50.3 0.395 +-8
10 78.5 0.617 +-8
12 113 0.888 =-6
14 154 1.21 +-5
16 201 1.58 +-5
20 314 2.47 +-5
24 452 3.55 +-4
25 491 3.85 +-4
28 616 4.84 +-4
32 804 6.31 +-4


What is TMT Bars?

Thermo mechanical processing also known as thermo mechanical treatment (TMT) is a metallurgical process that integrates work hardening and heat treatment into a single process. The quenching process produces a high strength rebar from low carbon steel.

Our Capacity

120,000 to 150,000 Metric Tons of TMT rebars per annum.

Technical Specifications of TMT Rebars

As per Ethiopian Standard CES 101.


Sentinel’s Products

Sentinel Steel’s finished products are deformed steel bars for concrete reinforcement (also known Rib Bars or Rebars). These kinds of steel bars have a vertical rib and transverse rib on surface, the form of vertical rib including spiral, crescent and herringbone, and are widely used for all kinds of building structures.

The plant produces high quality and precision reinforcement bars with grade 75 and 60. Other grades can also be manufactured and supplied on specific orders. The Diameters produced includes 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 20mm, 24mm and 25mm in 12 meter lengths which are dispatched in straight or bend conditions as per customers’ requirements.


"We are happy to be associated with Sentinel Steel. They have provided us TMT Rebars that have precise, uniform and parallel rib pattern, which results in excellent bond strength with concrete, enhancing our profitability. We hope to strengthen our ties with the company and look forward to work with them again in the future"

"Sentinel  Steel has been very reliable, competent, and professional every time we have dealt with them. Our Company will continue to work with them for our future TMT needs."

"We use TMT Bars of Sentinel Steel because of their high standard in quality and performance, equivalent to imported Rebars. If I were to describe Sentinel Steel in one word, it would be SOLID, just like their TMT bars."